How to Create High-performing Innovation Teams
Mikael Johnsson

Effective team work is essential if innovation projects are to succeed. How to create high-performing innovation teams provides practical guidance and advice on how to create high-performing teams regardless of type or size of company, organization, or public institution. It offers the reader pivotal tools and insights to use in practice. Both the theory and practice for creating high-performing innovation teams are discussed and new tools and insights are provided for managers, consultants, and academics. It answers the call for rapid innovation to respond to the increasingly changing market and to shorter product life cycles. How to create high-performing innovation teams addresses specifically the factors that enable innovation work from the perspective of the organization, the innovation team, and its members. In addition to co-located innovation teams, the book also discusses the differences among global organizations and what to consider in the creation of global high-performing innovation teams.

De Gruyter
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