Applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Privacy and Cybersecurity
Victor Lobo, Anacleto Correia

The growth of innovative cyber threats, many based on metamorphosing techniques, has led to security breaches and the exposure of critical information in sites that were thought to be impenetrable. The consequences of these hacking actions were, inevitably, privacy violation, data corruption, or information leaking. Machine learning and data mining techniques have significant applications in the domains of privacy protection and cybersecurity, including intrusion detection, authentication, and website defacement detection, that can help to combat these breaches. Applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Privacy and Cybersecurity provides machine and deep learning methods for analysis and characterization of events regarding privacy and anomaly detection as well as for establishing predictive models for cyber attacks or privacy violations. It provides case studies of the use of these techniques and discusses the expected future developments on privacy and cybersecurity applications. Covering topics such as behavior-based authentication, machine learning attacks, and privacy preservation, this book is a crucial resource for IT specialists, computer engineers, industry professionals, privacy specialists, security professionals, consultants, researchers, academicians, and students and educators of higher education.

Information Science Reference
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