Handbook of Research on Solving Modern Healthcare Challenges With Gamification
Ricardo Alexandre Peixoto de Queirós, António José Marques

While many fields such as e-learning, business, and marketing have taken advantage of the potential of gamification, the healthcare domain has just started to exploit this emerging trend, still in an ad-hoc fashion. Despite the huge potential of applying gamification on several topics of healthcare, there are scarce theoretical studies regarding methodologies, techniques, specifications, and frameworks. These applications must be examined further as they can be used to solve major healthcare-related challenges such as care plan maintenance, medication adherence, phobias treatment, or patient education. Handbook of Research on Solving Modern Healthcare Challenges With Gamification aims to share new approaches and methodologies to build e-health solutions using gamification and identifies new trends on this topic from pedagogical strategies to technological approaches. This book serves as a collection of knowledge that builds the theoretical foundations that can be helpful in creating sustainable e-health solutions in the future. While covering topics such as augmented and virtual reality, ethical issues in gamification, e-learning, telehealth services, and digital applications, this book is essential for research scholars, healthcare/computer science teachers and students pursuing healthcare/computer science-related subjects, enterprise developers, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the latest developments and research solving healthcare challenges with modern e-health solutions using gamification.

Medical Information Science Reference
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