Handbook of Research on Management and Strategies for Digital Enterprise Transformation
Kamaljeet Sandhu

From traditional brick and mortar to new start-ups, businesses are harnessing the power of digital enterprise as a cost-effective model to deliver goods and services online. Digital enterprise strategy is adopted for transforming business, streamlining processes, and making the best use of online technologies to enhance interaction with customers and employees and deliver excellent customer experience in real time. Digital enterprises increasingly need digital workers to establish greater digital skills to bear on every activity and to drive management, strategy, and innovation, which are key for digital enterprise transformation. The Handbook of Research on Management and Strategies for Digital Enterprise Transformation is a crucial reference source that discusses leveraging technology for the customers', employees', and suppliers'benefit, as well as integrating complex processes to management, marketing, production, manufacturing, and financial systems. Combining management, strategy, technology, and digital enterprise topics into one book provides the reader with a holistic understanding of the new developments in these emerging fields. This study will also include key topics of interest on how to address structural changes underway in the local and global business environment for digital enterprise transformation. Featuring research on topics such as e-commerce, organizational learning, and agile management, this book is ideally designed for business professionals, policymakers, researchers, students, and managers.

Business Science Reference
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