Connecting Teens with Technology at the Library
Kelly Nicole Czarnecki, Marie L. Harris

Connecting Teens with Technology at the Library presents a balanced view of the often complex relationship between teenagers and their technology. This book will help support fellow teen-serving staff nationwide in program creation and collection development on this relevant topic. Throughout the chapters, the authors take a lens of inclusivity to address the needs of many teens-not just those that are avid users. While programming is central to most books about teens and technology in the library, this read goes beyond a mere listing of program ideas or reviews but offers practical advice for linking these technology programs with real-world applications such as future careers and community partnerships. The authors provide options of low-tech and high-tech as well as how to engage youth during the pandemic and beyond. The book also explores areas of connecting teens with technology beyond programming and into areas of mentoring and community building; the foundational blocks of the library. Whether readers are just starting out in libraries or are a seasoned library worker, this book has tips to engage every reader in welcoming teens to the technology resources of the library.With Connecting Teens with Technology at the Library, Czarnecki and Harris have created an essential manual for working with teens through and with technology. From matching your program with the library's mission, to developing your professional and teen collections with technology centered materials, to sample programs that your teens will love, this book has everything you need to create an impactful technology program that works in and out of the library.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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