Cases on Small Business Economics and Development During Economic Crises
Simon Stephens

Oftentimes, the owners and entrepreneurs whose small businesses are undergoing financial problems suffer high emotional costs. These individuals can experience significant setbacks in their entrepreneurial journeys as well as depression and other negative emotions from the stress of crisis episodes. However, businesses that are in crisis also provide valuable learning opportunities for adapting and changing in order to successfully face future challenging situations. Cases on Small Business Economics and Development During Economic Crises presents a diverse range of perspectives and insights into global developments in entrepreneurship and captures a diverse collection of methodologies and outcomes from various countries in the realm of small business economics and their development. Including case studies that discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, risk management, and entrepreneurial resiliency, this case book serves as an excellent companion for entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers, executives, economists, business professionals, academicians, students, and researchers.

Business Science Reference
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