Using Strategy Analytics to Measure Corporate Performance and Business Value Creation
Sandeep Kautish

Strategic analytics is a relatively new field in conjunction with strategic management and business intelligence. Generally, the strategic management field deals with the enhancement of the decision-making capabilities of managers. Typically, such decision-making processes are heavily dependent upon various internal and external reports. Managers need to develop their strategies using clear strategy processes supported by the increasing availability of data. This situation calls for a different approach to strategy, including integration with analytics, as the science of extracting value from data and structuring complex problems. Using Strategy Analytics to Measure Corporate Performance and Business Value Creation discusses how to tackle complex business dynamics using optimization techniques and modern business analytics tools. It covers not only introductory concepts of strategic analytics but also provides strategic analytics applications in each area of management such as market dynamics, customer analysis, operations, and people management. It unveils the best industry practices and how managers can become expert strategists and analysts to better measure and enhance corporate performance and their businesses. This book is ideal for analysts, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, industry professionals, stakeholders, practitioners, academicians, and others interested in the strategic analytics domain and how it can be applied to complex business dynamics.

Business Science Reference
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