Conflict, Negotiation and Perspective Taking
Sandra Pineda de Forsberg, Author, Roland Reichenbach, Author

In a world where conflicts are commonplace and almost unavoidable, negotiation is recommended as the preferred approach for productively handling the outcomes of disputes. In addition, negotiation is recognized as an enabler of a constructive, grounded attitude toward conflict. This book advocates that perspective-taking is a superior competency to effectively understand the points of view of others, as well as a means to create a beneficial outcome to a conflict, attain sustainable business and solutions, and develop healthier relationships.The three central themes presented in this book: conflict, negotiation, and interpersonal perspective-taking, provide different important insights into the handling of disputes and the practice of negotiation. In-depth understanding of these themes enables the negotiator to forge a “three-dimensional” instrument for effective conflict management. The concept of conflict is first introduced, followed by an examination of the negotiation process, including negotiation strategies, negotiation phases, negotiation competencies, and styles. Considerable attention is then paid to interpersonal perspective-taking and its critical role in successful interpersonal negotiation strategies, before a theoretical discussion on negotiation research models concludes the book.The intent throughout this book is to empower the reader to make the best of every conflict situation and contribute to harmonious and respectful working environments. Every individual, employee, and leader is encouraged to become a proficient negotiator who seeks mutually productive and successful results. The mutual wins require careful consideration of the other's perspective and interests. Although this work primarily addresses professional contexts, the principles and their applications are also highly useful for everyday situations.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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