Recent Trends in Translation Studies: An Anglo-Italian Perspective
Sara Laviosa, Editor, Giovanni Iamartino, Editor, Eileen Mulligan, Editor

This volume offers a snapshot of current perspectives on translation studies within the specific historical and socio-cultural framework of Anglo-Italian relations. It addresses research questions relevant to English historical, literary, cultural and language studies, as well as empirical translation studies. The book is divided into four chapters, each covering a specific research area in the scholarly field of translation studies: namely, historiography, literary translation, specialized translation and multimodality. Each case study selected for this volume has been conducted with critical insight and methodological rigour, and makes a valuable contribution to scientific knowledge in the descriptive and applied branches of a discipline that, since its foundation nearly 50 years ago, has concerned itself with the description, theory and practice of translating and interpreting.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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