Research Anthology on Business Aspects of Cybersecurity
Information Resources Management Association

Cybersecurity is vital for all businesses, regardless of sector. With constant threats and potential online dangers, businesses must remain aware of the current research and information available to them in order to protect themselves and their employees. Maintaining tight cybersecurity can be difficult for businesses as there are so many moving parts to contend with, but remaining vigilant and having protective measures and training in place is essential for a successful company. The Research Anthology on Business Aspects of Cybersecurity considers all emerging aspects of cybersecurity in the business sector including frameworks, models, best practices, and emerging areas of interest. This comprehensive reference source is split into three sections with the first discussing audits and risk assessments that businesses can conduct to ensure the security of their systems. The second section covers training and awareness initiatives for staff that promotes a security culture. The final section discusses software and systems that can be used to secure and manage cybersecurity threats. Covering topics such as audit models, security behavior, and insider threats, it is ideal for businesses, business professionals, managers, security analysts, IT specialists, executives, academicians, researchers, computer engineers, graduate students, and practitioners.

Information Science Reference
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