From Solid State Chemistry to Heterogeneous Catalysis
Svetlana Ivanova, Author, José A. Odriozola, Author, Luis F. Bobadilla, Author

Heterogeneous catalysis is deeply founded on solid state chemistry, but the relationship between the two often appears to be elusive in many cases. It is generally difficult to relate the allusion of symmetry to the crystal structure and the defect chemistry or acid-base properties to the surface reconstruction and extended defects that in most cases are the basis of physicochemical properties and solids applications. This book provides insights into solid state chemistry in order to widen the vision of heterogeneous catalysis. It covers a broad range of solid state related topics, including symmetry and structure organization, bonding, and methods for structure elucidation, as well as defects formation and their implications in heterogeneous catalysis.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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