Kenyan English : Domains of Use, Forms, and Users' Attitudes
Martha M. Michieka, Evans Gesura Mecha

Kenyan English: Domains of Use, Forms, and Users'Attitudes focuses on the unique issues that concern language researchers in Kenya and elsewhere. Edited by Martha M. Michieka and Evans Gesura Mecha, the collection examines the English language forms and usages to describe the reality of Kenyan English use. The contributors address questions such as: What are the characteristics that distinguish Kenyan English from other national varieties? How is English taught, and what impact does that kind of teaching have on learner proficiency? What is the place of English in mass media, in politics, in the churches, and in multilingual homes? The contributors, all experienced language practitioners based in Kenya or currently conducting language-related research in Kenya, bring fresh perspectives to the topic at hand and give readers a glance into contexts that have not yet been addressed in this way. They highlight the sociolinguistic reality of the English language in present-day Kenya and raise questions that will prompt further research.

Lexington Books
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