Progressive Anonymity : From Identity Politics to Evidence-Based Government
Naomi Zack

Naomi Zack critiques identity politics and argues that both political and social identities should not enter democratic government. She proposes evidence-based government by anonymous stakeholders, without preference for group affiliation or political charisma. Central to this book is the theme that government should have an enduring goal of minimizing misery. Toward that goal, the imperfections of evidence, matched by the imperfections of democracy, need to be accepted in commitments to piecemeal public policies that benefit and include oppressors as well as the oppressed. This strategy preserves the social compact idea that government exists for the benefit of all those governed. Zack's original work will be useful to both scholars and students interested in studies of race, political philosophy, social philosophy, and cultural criticism.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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