Strategic International Restaurant Development : From Concept to Production
Angelo A. Camillo

Foodservice industry operators today must concern themselves with the evolution of food preparation and service and attempt to anticipate demands and related industry changes such as the supply chain and resource acquisition to not only meet patrons'demands but also to keep their competitive advantage. From a marketing standpoint, the trend toward a more demanding and sophisticated patron will continue to grow through various factors including the promotion of diverse food preparation through celebrity chefs, mass media, and the effect of globalization. From an operational standpoint, managing and controlling the business continues to serve as a critical success factor. Maintaining an appropriate balance between food costs and labor costs, managing employee turnover, and focusing on food/service quality and consistency are fundamental elements of restaurant management and are necessary but not necessarily sufficient elements of success. This increasing demand in all areas will challenge foodservice operators to adapt to new technologies, to new business communication and delivery systems, and to new management systems to stay ahead of the changes. Strategic International Restaurant Development: From Concept to Production explains the world of the food and beverage service industry as well as industry definitions, history, and the status quo with a look towards current challenges and future solutions that can be undertaken when developing strategic plans for restaurants. It highlights trends and explains the logistics of management and its operation. It introduces the basic principles for strategies and competitive advantage in the international context. It discusses the food and beverage management philosophy and introduces the concept of food and beverage service entrepreneurship, restaurant viability, and critical success factors involved in a foodservice business venture. Finally, it touches on the much-discussed topic of the food and beverage service industry and sustainable development. This book is ideal for restaurateurs, managers, entrepreneurs, executives, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the methods, tools, and techniques to successfully manage, develop, and run a restaurant in the modern international restaurant industry.

Business Science Reference
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