Research Anthology on Concepts, Applications, and Challenges of FinTech
Information Resources Management Association

FinTech, an abbreviated term for financial technology, is a digital revolution changing the way banking and financial services are being used both by individuals and businesses. As these changes continue to take place, the financial industry is focused on technological innovation and feeding into this digital revolution to better serve consumers who are looking for easier ways to invest, transfer money, use banking services, and more. FinTech is increasing accessibility to financial services, automating these services, expanding financial options, and enabling online payments and banking. While the benefits are being continually seen and this technology is becoming more widely accepted, there are still challenges facing the technology that include security concerns. To understand FinTech and its role in society, both the benefits and challenges must be reviewed and discussed for a holistic view on the digital innovations changing the face of the financial industry. The Research Anthology on Concepts, Applications, and Challenges of FinTech covers the latest technologies in FinTech with a comprehensive view of the impact on the industry, where these technologies are implemented, how they are improving financial services, and the security applications and challenges being faced. The chapters cover the options FinTech has unlocked, such as mobile banking and virtual transactions, while also focusing on the workings of the technology itself and security applications, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. This book is a valuable reference tool for accountants, bankers, financial planners, financial analysts, business managers, economists, computer scientists, academicians, researchers, financial professionals, and students.

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