Driving Innovation and Productivity Through Sustainable Automation
Ardavan Amini, Stephen Bushell, Arshad Mahmood

Industry 4.0 and the subsequent automation and digitalization of processes, including the tighter integration of machine-machine and human-machine intercommunication and collaboration, is adding additional complexity to future systems design and the capability to simulate, optimize, and adapt. Current solutions lack the ability to capture knowledge, techniques, and methods to create a sustainable and intelligent nerve system for enterprise systems. With the ability to innovate new designs and solutions, as well as automate processes and decision-making capabilities with heterogenous and holistic views of current and future challenges, there can be an increase in productivity and efficiency through sustainable automation. Therefore, better understandings of the underpinning knowledge and expertise of sustainable automation that can create a sustainable cycle that drives optimal automation and innovation in the field is needed Driving Innovation and Productivity Through Sustainable Automation enhances the understanding and the knowledge for the new ecosystems emerging in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The chapters provide the knowledge and understanding of current challenges and new capabilities and solutions having been researched, developed, and applied within the industry to drive sustainable automation for innovation and productivity. This book is ideally intended for managers, executives, IT specialists, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students who are interested in the current research on sustainable automation.

Engineering Science Reference
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