Emerging Nanotechnology Applications in Electrical Engineering
Ahmed Thabet Mohamed

The energy sector continues to receive increased attention from both consumers and producers due to its impact on all aspects of life. Electrical energy especially has become more in demand because of the delivery of the service to a large percentage of consumers in addition to the progress and increase of industrial production. It is thus necessary to find advanced systems capable of transferring huge amounts of electrical energy efficiently and safely. Nanotechnology aims to develop new types of atomic electronics that adopt quantum mechanics and the movement of individual particles to produce equipment faster and smaller and solve problems attributed to the electrical engineering field. Emerging Nanotechnology Applications in Electrical Engineering contains innovative research on the methods and applications of nanoparticles in electrical engineering. This book discusses the wide array of uses nanoparticles have within electrical engineering and the diverse electric and magnetic properties that nanomaterials help make prevalent. While highlighting topics including electrical applications, magnetic applications, and electronic applications, this book is ideally designed for researchers, engineers, industry professionals, practitioners, scientists, managers, manufacturers, analysts, students, and educators seeking current research on nanotechnology in electrical, electronic, and industrial applications.

Engineering Science Reference
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