Ethics in Nanotechnology : Emerging Technologies Aspects
Marcel Van de Voorde, Gunjan Jeswani

With nanotechnology being a relatively new field, the questions regarding safety and ethics are steadily increasing with the development of the research. This book aims to give an overview on the ethics associated with employing nanoscience for products with everyday applications. The risks as well as the regulations are discussed, and an outlook for the future of nanoscience on a manufacturer's scale and for the society is provided. Ethics in nanotechnology is a valuable resource for, philosophers, academicians and scientist, as well as all other industry professionals and researchers who interact with emerging social and philosophical ethical issues on routine bases. It is especially for deep learners who are enthusiastic to apprehend the challenges related to nanotechnology and ethics in philosophical and social education. This book presents an overview of new and emerging nanotechnologies and their societal and ethical implications. It is meant for students, academics, scientists, engineers, policy makers, ethicist, philosophers and all stakeholders involved in the development and use of nanotechnology.

De Gruyter
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