Integration and Application of Business Graduate and Business Leader Competency-Models
Donta S. Harper

Utilizing a skill and ability-based competency approach can be used to develop both individuals and organizations. Whether the skills are developed through on-the-job training or trained through educational programs, to be proficient is to gain mastery in the defined area. These standards of proficiency separate the talented from those that have talent and utilize this talent. Competency-models, systematic integration, and application of competency-models are a focus in today's work environment to remain competitive and to attract quality talent. Therefore, focusing on the identification of management skillsets and the alignment of competency-models with organizational goals to achieve integration through the use of a system are essential to move from good to great management. Integration and Application of Business Graduate and Business Leader Competency-Models is a pivotal reference source that examines how educational competency-based programs and industry needs are being met, along with how best to meet and achieve desired strategic organizational outcomes through integration. By highlighting the organizational need for recruitment, development, and success through scalable approaches at all organizational levels, this book is ideally designed for business graduates, organizational leaders, managers, students, academicians, and researchers in the fields of leadership, social science, organizational development, and business management.

Business Science Reference
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