Emerging Challenges, Solutions, and Best Practices for Digital Enterprise Transformation
Kamaljeet Sandhu

As organizations continue to move towards digital enterprise, the need for digital transformation continues to grow especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These impacts will last far into the future, as newer digital technologies continue to be accepted, used, and developed. These digital tools will forever change the face of business and management. However, on the road to digital enterprise transformation there are many successes, difficulties, challenges, and failures. Finding solutions for these issues through strategic thinking and identification of the core issues facing the enterprise is of primary concern. This means modernizing management and strategies around the digital workforce and understanding digital business at various levels. These key areas of digitalization and global challenges, such as those during or derived from the pandemic, are new and unique; They require new knowledge gained from a deep understanding of complex issues that have been examined and the solutions being discovered. Emerging Challenges, Solutions, and Best Practices for Digital Enterprise Transformation explores the key challenges being faced as businesses undergo digital transformation. It provides both solutions and best practices for not only handling and solving these key issues, but for becoming successful in digital enterprise. This includes topics such as security and privacy in technologies, data management, information and communication technologies, and digital marketing, branding, and commerce. This book is ideal for managers, business professionals, government, researchers, students, practitioners, stakeholders, academicians, and anyone else looking to learn about new developments in digital enterprise transformation of business systems from a global perspective.

Business Science Reference
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