The Genetics and Genomics of the Rabbit
Luca Fontanesi

Rabbits have many uses - as well as being cherished pets, they are bred for their meat and fur, and as laboratory animals. Understanding their genetics and genomics is key to their production and, equally, to their care, welfare and health. Beginning with an introduction to the rabbit, including key information on their evolution, domestication and breed types, this book then concentrates on the genetics and genomics of this valuable animal. This book covers: - Cytogenetics, genetic maps and QTL mapping; - Immunogenetics; - Genetics of coat colour, meat, fibre and fur production, reproduction, disease resistance and more. Concluding with practical applications such as creating transgenic and genome edited rabbits, biotechnical applications and the rabbit as a biomedical model, this book brings this important topic fully up-to-date. It provides an indispensable resource for animal and veterinary researchers and students, as well as rabbit breeders and laboratory scientists.

CAB International
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