Methods for Ecological Research on Terrestrial Small Mammals
Robert McCleery, Ara Monadjem, L. Mike Conner, James D. Austin, Peter J. Taylor

All the information researchers, students, and practitioners need to conducted innovative, state-of-the-art research on small mammals.Rodents and insectivores constitute the vast majority of mammals on our planet, yet we often overlook the importance of this group. As seed dispersers, prey species, and disease regulators, these animals are critical to the functioning of our ecological systems. While considerable material exists that describes these species, there has been no dedicated guide explaining how to effectively research them—until now. Methods for Ecological Research on Terrestrial Small Mammals is a one-stop resource compiling all the information readers need to conduct state-of-the-art research on small terrestrial mammals across the globe. The authors cover the full spectrum of issues, from capture, handling, identification, reproduction, demography, and taxonomy to behavior, diet, evolution, diseases, movements, morphometrics, and more. They also:• highlight the latest techniques while carefully explaining the tried-and-tested methods needed to conduct rigorous scientific inquiries; • provide step-by-step examples and case studies, demonstrating how the methods discussed can be used in actual research projects; • compare and contrast methodologies, analytical techniques, and software packages, helping researchers determine which pathways and tools will yield the best results for their studies. A comprehensive and invaluable resource, Methods for Ecological Research on Terrestrial Small Mammals is a must-have for any ecologist working on small mammals.

Johns Hopkins University Press
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