Integrated Marketing Communications in Risk and Crisis Contexts : A Culture-Centered Approach
Robert S. Littlefield, Deanna D. Sellnow, Timothy L. Sellnow

Integrated Marketing Communications in Risk and Crisis Contexts is part of the Lexington Books Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) series. The authors present a culture centered model for examining risk and crisis communication within the context of IMC to provide a more robust understanding of myriad cultural variables affecting the perception of risk and crisis messages and the means by which these messages are processed by different publics, particularly multicultural and international groups. While the conceptualization of what constitutes IMC has been broad, from the perspective of risk and crisis communication, the focus is quite specific: All communication and messages created and disseminated in a risk or crisis situation must be carefully created and strategically presented if the intended outcomes associated with the publics'responses are to be realized by the sender of the messages.

Lexington Books
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