Advancements in Fuzzy Reliability Theory
Akshay Kumar, Mangey Ram, Om Prakash Yadav

In recent years, substantial efforts are being made in the development of reliability theory including fuzzy reliability theories and their applications to various real-life problems. Fuzzy set theory is widely used in decision making and multi criteria such as management and engineering, as well as other important domains in order to evaluate the uncertainty of real-life systems. Fuzzy reliability has proven to have effective tools and techniques based on real set theory for proposed models within various engineering fields, and current research focuses on these applications. Advancements in Fuzzy Reliability Theory introduces the concept of reliability fuzzy set theory including various methods, techniques, and algorithms. The chapters present the latest findings and research in fuzzy reliability theory applications in engineering areas. While examining the implementation of fuzzy reliability theory among various industries such as mining, construction, automobile, engineering, and more, this book is ideal for engineers, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in fuzzy reliability theory applications in engineering areas.

Engineering Science Reference
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