A Liberal Theory of Practical Morality
Earl Spurgin

Moral issues and questions abound in daily life. Media outlets frequently raise awareness of many, such as those concerning individuals'right to privacy. The same venues seldom, if ever, raise awareness of others, such as moral issues and questions concerning our fantasies. Regardless of the level of publicity various venues afford particular moral matters, most people who become aware of those matters find many interesting and important. A problem most encounter, however, is determining the criteria through which they should approach the moral matters they wish to engage. Ethicists have long sought a moral theory that would provide the desired criteria, but most will grant readily that those efforts have not produced a generally-accepted theory. This book presents the author's case that a kind of moral liberalism is the theory we should use to engage daily life's moral matters. The author presents a conception of moral liberalism, argues that it is the best approach to practical morality in a plural society, and applies it to several of morality's practical matters.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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