The Basics of Intra-Operative Neurophysiological Monitoring for the Clinician: A Practical Guide
Chulananda Goonasekera, Editor, Emma-Jane Smith, Editor

Intra-operative neuromonitoring (IONM) refers to a diverse and evolving collection of techniques used to provide real-time assurance of neurological integrity during surgery. Most frequently utilised during neurosurgical procedures, the use of IONM has increased dramatically over recent years, and there is an ongoing need for structured and accessible information in its principles, implementation and interpretation. This dynamic book provides a practical overview of IONM, in simple language and clearly illustrated. Uniquely, it is authored by experienced multidisciplinary clinicians affiliated to King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, a regional neurosciences centre in London, UK. Combining the expertise of anaesthetists, physiologists, surgeons and patients themselves, this guide represents an invaluable source of information for all staff and trainees involved in the pre-, intra- and postoperative care of patients undergoing IONM.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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