Modern Raman Microscopy: Technique and Practice
Alexander Rzhevskii, Author

Raman microscopy is now well-established as one of the most powerful and versatile techniques for a diverse range of applications in both research and analytical laboratories. Its unique advantage is its ability to noninvasively characterize chemically complex and spatially inhomogeneous samples with a sub-micron spatial resolution. Modern confocal Raman scanning microscopy, which allows one to obtain two- and three-dimensional spectrochemical images of samples in various states and forms, has become a method of choice for a wide range of applications including the study of biological cells, tissues, and microorganisms, characterization of pharmaceutical drugs and formulations, forensic evidence, minerals and gems, carbon nanomaterials, semiconductors, composite polymers, and more. This book presents the techniques of confocal Raman microscopy and imaging for researchers and engineers from a variety of disciplines. It highlights the key aspects of this technique in order to effectively apply it in practice. It will appeal to a wide circle of readers who are interested in, or are already, using the methods of confocal Raman microscopy and imaging in their work, and will also be beneficial for novice Raman microscopy users.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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