Research Anthology on E-Commerce Adoption, Models, and Applications for Modern Business
Information Resources Management Association

In the next few years, it is expected that most businesses will have transitioned to the use of electronic commerce technologies, namely e-commerce. This acceleration in the acceptance of e-commerce not only changes the face of business and retail, but also has introduced new, adaptive business models. The experience of consumers in online shopping and the popularity of the digital marketplace have changed the way businesses must meet the needs of consumers. To stay relevant, businesses must develop new techniques and strategies to remain competitive in a changing commercial atmosphere. The way in which e-commerce is being implemented, the business models that have been developed, and the applications including the benefits and challenges to e-commerce must be discussed to understand modern business. The Research Anthology on E-Commerce Adoption, Models, and Applications for Modern Business discusses the best practices, latest strategies, and newest methods for implementing and using e-commerce in modern businesses. This includes not only a view of how business models have changed and what business models have emerged, but also provides a focus on how consumers have changed in terms of their needs, their online behavior, and their use of e-commerce services. Topics including e-business, e-services, mobile commerce, usability models, website development, brand management and marketing, and online shopping will be explored in detail. This book is ideally intended for business managers, e-commerce managers, marketers, advertisers, brand managers, executives, IT consultants, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in how e-commerce is impacting modern business models.

Business Science Reference
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