Role of Leadership in Facilitating Healing and Renewal in Times of Organizational Trauma and Change
Lynda Byrd-Poller, Jennifer L. Farmer, Valerie Ford

Organizational trauma theory endeavors to examine the psychological and physical effects of trauma on individuals and groups within an organization. Individual trauma, the individual mental and emotional disruptions that affect the well-being of self, often contributes to organizational trauma. Or sometimes, the disruptions are external and caused by societal, economic, or political changes. Recent traumatic events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and racial tensions stemming from social injustices present even greater challenges for organizations as leaders seek to facilitate healing, restoration, and renewal. Organizational trauma is currently playing out in our organizations, and organizational scholars, leaders, and managers are looking for ways to mitigate this trauma without having explicit knowledge or understanding of how to deal with it. Despite the increasing need to better understand organizational trauma and how to address it, this body of research has not played a prominent role in mainstream organization and management theory. Role of Leadership in Facilitating Healing and Renewal in Times of Organizational Trauma and Change examines the importance of dealing with trauma in organizations and related topics of interest. The chapters highlight global perspectives and present new and significant information and observations about organizational trauma and offer insights derived from a solidly and sufficiently broad knowledge base of theory, research, and practice. This book will also grant a basis of understanding trauma, its antecedents and outcomes, as well as how it can be mitigated and will provide information and insights regarding organizational trauma and how it interacts with and influences other organizational phenomena. This book is ideally intended for managers, human resources officers, academicians, practitioners, executives, professionals, researchers, and students interested in examining the ways in which organizational trauma is impacting the workplace.

Business Science Reference
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