Pragmatics, Discourse and Society, Volume 1: A Festschrift for Akin Odebunmi
Niyi Osunbade, Editor, Foluke Unuabonah, Editor, Ayo Osisanwo, Editor, Akin Adetunji, Editor, Funke Oni, Editor

This two-volume work speaks to the entire scope of Professor Odebunmi's research concerns in general pragmatics, medical and clinical pragmatics, literary discourse, critical discourse analysis, applied linguistics and language sociology. Its 52 chapters across both volumes (24 chapters in this volume and 28 chapters in Volume 2) written by established scholars such as Jacob Mey, Paul Hopper, Joyce Mathangwane, and Ming-Yu Tseng, in addition to the honoree, explore the dynamics of the interplay of spatial, temporal, agential and (non-)institutional factors that drive discourse/textual constructions, negotiations and interpretations and sometimes influence human cognition and actions. The volume will appeal to all academics, researchers and students who are interested in the interface of context and meaning in human communication.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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