Advances in Fluid Dynamics with Emphasis on Multiphase and Complex Flow
Hernández, S., Vorobieff, P.

The field of fluid mechanics is vast and has numerous and diverse applications. Presented papers from the 11th International Conference on Advances in Fluid Dynamics with emphasis on Multiphase and Complex Flow are contained in this book and cover a wide range of topics, including basic formulations and their computer modelling as well as the relationship between experimental and analytical results. Innovation in fluid-structure approaches including emerging applications as energy harvesting systems, studies of turbulent flows at high Reynold number, or subsonic and hypersonic flows are also among the topics covered. The emphasis placed on multiphase flow in the included research works is due to the fact that fluid dynamics processes in nature are predominantly multi-phased, i.e. involving more than one phase of a component such as liquid, gas or plasma. The range of related problems of interest is vast: astrophysics, biology, geophysics, atmospheric processes, and a large variety of engineering applications. Multiphase fluid dynamics are generating a great deal interest, leading to many notable advances in experimental, analytical, and numerical studies in this area. While progress is continuing in all three categories, advances in numerical solutions are likely the most conspicuous, owing to the continuing improvements in computer power and the software tools available to researchers. Progress in numerical methods has not only allowed for the solution of many practical problems but also helped to improve our understanding of the physics involved. Many unresolved issues are inherent in the very definition of multiphase flow, where it is necessary to consider coupled processes on multiple scales, as well as the interplay of a wide variety of relevant physical phenomena.

WIT Press
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