Law of Raw Data
Jan Bernd Nordemann, Christian Czychowski

Data, in its raw or unstructured form, has become an important and valuable economic asset, lending it the sobriquet of ‘the oil of the twenty-first century'. Clearly, as intellectual property, raw data must be legally defined if not somehow protected to ensure that its access and re-use can be subject to legal relations. As legislators struggle to develop a settled legal regime in this complex area, this indispensable handbook will offer a careful and dedicated analysis of the legal instruments and remedies, both existing and potential, that provide such protection across a wide variety of national legal systems. Produced under the auspices of the International Association for the Protection of International Property (AIPPI), more than forty of the association's specialists from twenty-three countries worldwide contribute national chapters on the relevant law in their respective jurisdictions. The contributions thoroughly explain how each country approaches such crucial matters as the following: if there is any intellectual property right available to protect raw data; the nature of such intellectual property rights that exist in unstructured data; contracts on data and which legal boundaries stand in the way of contract drafting; liability for data products or services; and questions of international private law and cross-border portability. Each country's rules concerning specific forms of data – such as data embedded in household appliances and consumer goods, criminal offence data, data relating to human genetics, tax and bank secrecy, medical records, and clinical trial data – are described, drawing on legislation, regulation, and case law. A matchless legal resource on one of the most important raw materials of the twenty-first century, this book provides corporate counsel, practitioners and policymakers working in the field of intellectual property rights, and concerned academics with both a broad-based global overview on emerging legal strategies in the protection of unstructured data and the latest information on existing legislation and regulation in the area.

Kluwer Law International
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