Innovation and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Community Tourism
Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares

Innovation is essential to remaining competitive in the tourism industry, especially for new enterprises. Community-based tourism is not only innovative but also a responsible tourism initiative that lessens the negative impacts of economic activity and increases the positive impacts of the sector. This type of tourism works with respect for the environment and generates innovations in products, services, and processes. Moreover, from a social innovation perspective, it explores businesses, initiatives, and ideas that can add value to tourism. Entrepreneurs looking to remain successful need to improve their knowledge of this valuable industry. Innovation and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Community Tourism is a critical reference source that examines the latest empirical research findings in innovation in the community tourism network and its contribution to the development of the territory. The book also investigates the dynamic capacities related to small tourism entrepreneurs in the coastal space. Highlighting themes that include female entrepreneurship, marketing, and marine tourism, this book is ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners, tourism and hospitality professionals, academicians, researchers, and students who are looking to improve their understanding of community tourism development.

Business Science Reference
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