Clinical Epidemiology of Orthopaedic Trauma
Yingze Zhang

Unique resource provides foundation for worldwide prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of orthopaedic fracturesClinical Epidemiology of Orthopaedic Trauma, Third Edition by renowned orthopaedic surgeon and researcher Yingze Zhang and an impressive cadre of contributors expands on the widely acclaimed prior editions. Leveraging an epidemiological database with the distinction of being the largest domestic and foreign sample volume of orthopaedic trauma, this remarkable book expands on the epidemiology of fractures in China, with national incidence rates new to this edition. It offers a wealth of information that will impact treatment planning, future allocation of resources in trauma care, and initiatives in preventive medicine, worldwide.Comprehensive in scope, the new edition provides unparalleled insights into the current state of Chinese orthopaedic surgery. The book features evaluation of every fracture seen and treated at a major international trauma center—complete with AO/OTA classification and a full spectrum of fracture demographics. The text covers new theories and technologies, with concise up-to-date summaries about diagnosis and treatment of fractures of each bone. Epidemiological fracture characteristics are presented intuitively and concisely via succinct and easy-to-understand language enhanced with ample illustrations.Key HighlightsReflects a huge sample size of 414,935 patients (431,822 fractures) from 83 hospitals, as well as 390,133 patients (424,645) fractures in Taiwan provinceEstimated incidence rates for traumatic fractures in the overall population and subgroups—by age, gender, ethnic origin, occupation, geographical region, and residencyFracture classification text supplemented with reader-friendly color schematic diagrams, pie charts, curve graphs, and histograms enhances knowledge retentionX-rays, MRIs, and CT images fully illustrate the characteristics of injuries, including complex fracturesThis practical and generously illustrated textbook is an essential reference for orthopaedic residents and surgeons. It is also an indispensable resource for academic researchers, medical schools, libraries, and hospitals.

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