Creating Social Value Through Social Entrepreneurship
Mine Afacan Fındıklı, Duygu Acar Erdur

With today's current problems, including forced migrations, inadequate education and healthcare systems, environmental threats, economic crises, poverty, etc., it has become evident that systemic social change is needed. Unfortunately, creating, maintaining, and fostering sustainable social value is not easy. In this respect, social entrepreneurs can act as change agents with their social missions. Yet, the role of social entrepreneurship in creating sustainable social value is still in an embryonic state. Creating Social Value Through Social Entrepreneurship contains expert research that links social entrepreneurship and social value in order to further understand the role of social entrepreneurship in creating social value and to highlight the importance of social entrepreneurs in emerging economies. While covering topics that include crowdfunding, social enterprise, social entrepreneurship ecosystems, and the triggers and challenges of social entrepreneurship, this book seeks to extend the social entrepreneurship contribution to social impact. The book is of value to entrepreneurs, managers, academicians, researchers, and students in various fields that include economics, management, and entrepreneurship.

Business Science Reference
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