Handbook of Research on Recent Perspectives on Management, International Trade, and Logistics
Güner Koç Aytekin, Çağlar Doğru

In this era of globalization, entrepreneurship and its implications on international trade and supply chain management are becoming more critical. In today's change-oriented and complex business environment, both entrepreneurs and managers need to keep up with the latest developments around them. With the help of globalization, it is getting more attractive for entrepreneurs to generate innovative ideas to run business both nationally and internationally. Competitive advantages and the key for sustainable growth for globally founded institutions lies behind effective supply chain management originating from a single idea about establishing a company and the process to the end goal of reaching consumers. This focus on entrepreneurship, business, and supply chain comes at a time when rapid technological advances are continually being made. The Handbook of Research on Recent Perspectives on Management, International Trade, and Logistics reveals the latest data based on research on the issues of entrepreneurship, innovation, contemporary management techniques, and global supply chain management. Chapters include topics such as the effective management of the supply chain, supply chain modeling, e-business solutions, digitalizing the supply chain process, e-business applications, and more. This book is ideal for managers, executives, supply chain specialists, entrepreneurs, business professionals, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the latest findings in international trade, management, logistics, and business.

Business Science Reference
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