The Multimodal Rhetoric of Humour in Saudi Media Cartoons
Wejdan Alsadi, Martin Howard

Cartoons, as a form of humour and entertainment, are a social product which are revealing of different social and political practices that prevail in a society, humourised and satirised by the cartoonist. This book advances research on cartoons and humour in the Saudi context. It contributes to the growing multimodal research on non-interactional humour in the media that benefits from traditional theories of verbal humour. The study analyses the interaction between visual and verbal modes, highlighting the multimodal manifestations of the rhetorical devices frequently employed to create humour in English-language cartoons collected from the Saudi media. The multimodal analysis shows that the frequent rhetorical devices such as allusions, parody, metaphor, metonymy, juxtaposition, and exaggeration take a form which is woven between the visual and verbal modes, and which makes the production of humorous and satirical effect more unique and interesting. The analysis of the cartoons across various thematic categories further offers a window into contemporary Saudi society.

De Gruyter Mouton
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