Design Innovation and Network Architecture for the Future Internet
Mohamed Boucadair, Christian Jacquenet

For the past couple of years, network automation techniques that include software-defined networking (SDN) and dynamic resource allocation schemes have been the subject of a significant research and development effort. Likewise, network functions virtualization (NFV) and the foreseeable usage of a set of artificial intelligence techniques to facilitate the processing of customers'requirements and the subsequent design, delivery, and operation of the corresponding services are very likely to dramatically distort the conception and the management of networking infrastructures. Some of these techniques are being specified within standards developing organizations while others remain perceived as a “buzz” without any concrete deployment plans disclosed by service providers. An in-depth understanding and analysis of these approaches should be conducted to help internet players in making appropriate design choices that would meet their requirements as well as their customers. This is an important area of research as these new developments and approaches will inevitably reshape the internet and the future of technology. Design Innovation and Network Architecture for the Future Internet sheds light on the foreseeable yet dramatic evolution of internet design principles and offers a comprehensive overview on the recent advances in networking techniques that are likely to shape the future internet. The chapters provide a rigorous in-depth analysis of the promises, pitfalls, and other challenges raised by these initiatives, while avoiding any speculation on their expected outcomes and technical benefits. This book covers essential topics such as content delivery networks, network functions virtualization, security, cloud computing, automation, and more. This book will be useful for network engineers, software designers, computer networking professionals, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students looking for a comprehensive research book on the latest advancements in internet design principles and networking techniques.

Engineering Science Reference
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