Arabic Traces in the Hebrew Writing of Arab Authors in Israel
Aadel Shakkour, Author

This book provides pioneering research on the Hebrew writings of Arab authors in Israel. It shows how authors in their Hebrew writings try to give their characters an authentic air and to create an atmosphere of authentic culture, and highlights archaic Hebrew syntactic structures that are similar to their Arabic counterparts in order to transmit Arab cultural elements. Language, after all, also serves to mediate between cultures, in addition to its function as a means of medium of communication.The text shows how Arab writers, through their translations point, to Arab culture as a possible model of imitation, as a bridge over what they perceive as a gap between the source and the target cultures. The authors thus see themselves not merely as composers of Hebrew literature, or as translators of Arabic literature into Hebrew, but also as messengers who serve as a bridge between Arabic and Hebrew cultures, and possibly as potential contributors to resolving the Jewish-Arab conflict.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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