Advancing Health Education With Telemedicine
Mildred Lopez

While telemedicine was not a new concept before the COVID-19 pandemic, it has certainly helped to propel telehealth as a popular solution and tool for patients to continue to use well after the impacts of COVID-19 have been felt. However, telehealth also provided solutions for health institutions faced with the challenge of preparing the next generation of medical professionals remotely. Telemedicine allowed medical educators to accompany students in their first encounters with patients and to simulate practical scenarios. Through the pandemic, educators have striven to be more creative and propose solutions to overcome adversities such as language barriers, access to technological infrastructure, and lack of legal framework. Advancing Health Education With Telemedicine discusses and presents alternatives on taking advantage of available technologies and infrastructure of telemedicine and e-health to advance health professionals'education. This need emerged amid the pandemic to provide patients and their families with support and guidance, but it also brought opportunities to students to continue their training and be involved in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Covering topics such as disease-awareness campaigns, medical education, and online clinical simulation, this book serves as a dynamic resource for medical students, medical professionals, medical directors, educational software developers, researchers, communications experts, professors, and academicians.

Medical Information Science Reference
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