Pragmatics in English As a Lingua Franca : Findings and Developments
Ian Walkinshaw

This volume addresses two current gaps in pragmatics research in English as a lingua franca (ELF): Firstly, the contexts, approaches and theories of pragmatics generally that remain under-explored in studies of ELF speakers; secondly, the paucity of ELF pragmatics studies investigating Asia, despite its economic and geo-political importance and the role of English as a region-wide lingua franca. The volume draws together a range of pragmatics-related chapters contributed by leading experts in pragmatics, both in English as a lingua franca and more broadly. These either present new research that extends the current state of the field, or introduce approaches and theories from other areas of pragmatics that translate readily to analysis of ELF interaction. Five of the chapters are Asia-focused, examining pragmatic aspects of communication among Asian ELF users. The volume therefore offers scope for ELF pragmatics researchers to further broaden the field's theoretical and analytical horizons, and adds to the quantity of knowledge about pragmatics in ELF communication in Asia. Its publication raises the visibility of this research area within the broader field of pragmatics.

De Gruyter Mouton
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