Futuristic Design and Intelligent Computational Techniques in Neuroscience and Neuroengineering
Harjit Pal Singh, Anurag Sharma, Vikas Khullar

Each day, novel neuroscientific findings show that researchers are focusing on developing advanced smart hardware designs and intelligent computational models to imitate the human brain's computational abilities. The advancements in smart materials provide a significant role in inventing intelligent bioelectronic device designs with smart features such as accuracy, low power consumption, and more. These advanced and intelligent computing models through machine and smart deep learning algorithms help to understand the information processing capabilities of the human brain with optimum accuracy. Futuristic Design and Intelligent Computational Techniques in Neuroscience and Neuroengineering highlights advanced computational models and hardware designs in neurology and integration of mathematical physical, biological, chemical, and engineering models to mimic brain functions; discovers new technological diagnosis techniques; and achieves high accuracy in learning models to better understand the functioning of the human brain. Providing rich information on brain-computer interfacing, gamification in children, and vestibular rehabilitation, this text acts as an essential resource for experts in electrophysiological studies, neurologists, neuro-physiotherapists, neuro-radiologists, intelligent system developers, bio-software and hardware developers, neuro database collectors, electro-physiologists, professors associated with neurology, psychiatrists, engineers, scientists, and students from academia and industry involved in interdisciplinary approaches to neurology.

Medical Information Science Reference
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