Global Production and Consumption of Fast Food and Instant Concentrates
Inna Vladimirovna Simakova, Victoria Nikolaevna Strizhevskaya, Roman Lvovich Perkel, Galina Yuryevna Rakhmanova

Globalization and industrialization have caused serious changes to the food and services markets, which have led to an increase in the consumption of fast food in the daily diet. Annually, the number of fast-food restaurants increases and volumes of the industrial production of fast-food products grow. The systematic consumption of fast food has many risks, such as developing alimentary diseases and serious chronic illnesses. This increasing consumption is a critical problem as younger generations are primary consumers of fast food. Global Production and Consumption of Fast Food and Instant Concentrates compares healthy and fast foods, considers an ecological-hygienic assessment of the impact of fast food on the body in observations of people and in experiments in vivo, and discusses key questions of the interrelation of food and health. Covering topics such as nutrition and food culture, it is ideal for food industry professionals, scientists, medical professionals, researchers, academicians, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Medical Information Science Reference
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