Handbook of Research on Smart Management for Digital Transformation
Belem Barbosa, Sandra Filipe, Claudia Amaral Santos

In a global and digital society, businesses are constantly being challenged by innovative and disruptive management strategies. The dramatic changes that took place in all corners of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic confirmed that companies need to update their resources and anticipate trends. The current changes introduced by digitalization offer endless innovation scenarios and strategic opportunities to companies but also demand an accurate and structured analysis of drivers, motivations, and determinants for success in this transformation. The Handbook of Research on Smart Management for Digital Transformation analyzes the drivers of digital transformation in businesses and assesses digital transformation success factors in the short, medium, and long run. This critical reference source is comprised of theoretical and empirical chapters as well as case studies on digital adoption by companies in different business sectors. Covering topics such as brand messaging, digital media platforms, and success determinants, this book is an essential resource for managers, researchers, educators of higher education, business students, digital strategists, business associations, communication and marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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