Handbook of Research on Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Sets and Logic
Said Broumi

Fuzzy logic, which is based on the concept of fuzzy set, has enabled scientists to create models under conditions of imprecision, vagueness, or both at once. As a result, it has now found many important applications in almost all sectors of human activity, becoming a complementary feature and supporter of probability theory, which is suitable for modelling situations of uncertainty derived from randomness. Fuzzy mathematics has also significantly developed at the theoretical level, providing important insights into branches of traditional mathematics like algebra, analysis, geometry, topology, and more. With such widespread applications, fuzzy sets and logic are an important area of focus in mathematics. The Handbook of Research on Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Sets and Logic studies recent theoretical advances of fuzzy sets and numbers, fuzzy systems, fuzzy logic and their generalizations, extensions, and more. This book also explores the applications of fuzzy sets and logic applied to science, technology, and everyday life to further provide research on the subject. This book is ideal for mathematicians, physicists, computer specialists, engineers, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students who are looking to learn more about fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, and their applications.

Engineering Science Reference
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