Multispecies Ethnography : Methodology of a Holistic Research Approach of Humans, Animals, Nature, and Culture
Katharina Ameli

How are natures and animals integrated inclusively into research projects through Multispecies Ethnography? While preceded by a vision that seeks to question holistically how scientists can integrate natures and animals into research projects through Multispecies Ethnography, this book focuses on inter- and multidisciplinary collaboration. From an examination of the interfaces between social and natural science-oriented disciplines, a complex view of natures, humans, and animals emerges. The insights into interdependencies of different disciplines illustrate the need for a Multispecies Ethnography to analyze HumansAnimalsNaturesCultures. While the methodology is innovative and currently not widespread, the application of Multispecies Ethnography in areas of research such as climate change, species extinction, or inequalities will allow new insights. These research debates are closely interwoven, and the methodological inclusion of the agency of natures and animals and the consideration of Indigenous Knowledge allow new insights of holistic multispecies research for the different disciplines. Multispecies Ethnography allows for positivist, innovative, attentive, reflexive and complex analyses of HumansAnimalsNaturesCultures.

Lexington Books
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