Techniques and Key Points for Endoscopic Cranial Base Reconstruction
Carlos D. Pinheiro-Neto, Maria Peris-Celda

The quintessential guide to endoscopic skull base reconstruction from multidisciplinary expertsDue to close collaboration between otorhinolaryngologists and neurosurgeons, endoscopic endonasal brain surgery has become part of the surgical armamentarium for successful treatment of various cranial base pathologies. Today, it is considered the gold standard surgical technique for many types of skull base tumors. Techniques and Key Points for Endoscopic Cranial Base Reconstruction by pioneering otorhinolaryngologist Carlos D. Pinheiro-Neto and neurosurgeon Maria Peris-Celda, co-editor of Thieme's acclaimed Rhoton's Atlas of Head, Neck, and Brain, encompasses the most important endoscopic cranial base reconstruction techniques performed in the last two decades. The book features contributions from an impressive group of additional experts in this field.Comprised of 26 reader-friendly chapters divided into seven sections, the book starts with discussion of general principles of endoscopic cranial base reconstruction. Sections II through VI provide step-by-step descriptions of reconstructive approaches utilizing diverse flaps including nasoseptal, intranasal, extranasal, and free grafts, followed by free flaps. The final section details management of seven challenging cases that enrich practical clinical experience, from free flap reconstruction to recalcitrant cerebrospinal fluid leak.Key HighlightsDecision-making rationales and pearls regarding selection of the most efficacious reconstructive techniques.Consistently formatted chapters feature a succinct review of anatomical concepts integral to each procedure, detailed descriptions for each surgical step, and alternative options.High-quality and meticulous anatomical dissections performed at the editors'anatomy laboratory and beautiful illustrations depict the flow of operations essential to understanding surgical nuances.Nineteen narrated videos visually demonstrate techniques and consolidate learning.This must-have, comprehensive resource will help skull base surgeons master the latest techniques, avoid complications, and achieve improved outcomes for their patients.

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