Handbook of Research on Advances in Data Analytics and Complex Communication Networks
P. Venkata Krishna

The use of the internet has increased with the introduction of wireless systems and the internet of things (IoT). The growth of smart devices helps to create a new generation and knowledge-sharing platforms. Namely, data analytics has a major role to play in this growth and the success of wireless and IoT applications. The growth of data has become exponential, and it is difficult to analyze with respect to complex communication networks, hence the need for research in the field to understand both big data and these communication networks. Additionally, there are many unforeseen challenges that can emerge and disrupt the normal flow of things, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, which produce more stress on current systems and technologies. The study of IoT, data analytics, and complex communication networks is essential in current times. The Handbook of Research on Advances in Data Analytics and Complex Communication Networks discusses and addresses the issues and challenges of the development of various systems using data analytics and complex communication networks. The chapters identify different issues, suggest feasible solutions to those identified issues, and present comprehensive information on emerging technologies related to data analytics and complex communication networks such as cloud computing, big data, and IoT. This book will also address different aspects of data analytics and propose novel strategies based on wireless systems and IoT including optimization, control, statistics, social computing, and more. This book is valuable for data scientists, data analysts, network analysts, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the latest developments and advancements in data analytics and complex communication networks.

Engineering Science Reference
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