Leadership and Followership in an Organizational Change Context
Sajjad Nawaz Khan

Often it seems that people place a spotlight on leaders and disregard the probability that the success of the organization lies somewhere in the followers. However, literature on followership is often overlooked and research on it ignored. As organizations rapidly change, it is essential to understand organizational change through simultaneous discussions of both leaders and followers and the roles they play in the ultimate success of the company. Leadership and Followership in an Organizational Change Context is a pivotal reference source that establishes the concept and definitions of leadership and followership in the context of organizational change and discusses the leadership and followership styles that can contribute to organizational effectiveness. While highlighting topics such as leadership style, employee engagement, and succession planning, this book is ideally designed for managers, executives, directors, upper-level management, business professionals, academicians, researchers, industry professionals, and students seeking current research on the types of changes that organizations are facing and how such changes can be managed.

Business Science Reference
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