Understanding Cryptocurrency Fraud : The Challenges and Headwinds to Regulate Digital Currencies
Shaen Corbet

Batten, Corbet & Lucey Handbooks in Alternative Investmentedited by Jonathan A. Batten (Professor of Finance, School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia) Shaen Corbet (Professor of Finance at Dublin City University Business School in Dublin, Ireland) Brian M. Lucey (Professor of International Finance and Commodities, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland & University of Sydney Business School, Sydney, Australia) Aims and Scope:Alternative investments constitute those assets that do not fall into the categories traditionally defined to be conventional. Such assets are traditionally used by large investors and hedge funds due to their relative complexity, regulatory requirements, non-standard risks, and often, significant minimum contract sizes and margin requirements. But as the products become more commonplace across international portfolios, and with a growing necessity for portfolio diversification from alternative sources due to the wide variety of black swan events occurring in recent times, it is vital to thoroughly examine the associated, and often unusual risks and events. We have therefore established a handbook series that focuses on providing an outlet that can encourage debate for those with an interest in alternative investments across a wide-variety of disciplines, while also providing a thoroughly researched outlet that can be used for academic and educational purposes. Specifically, these handbooks will be useful for specialist audiences such as legal, accounting and financial practices, while also providing substantial benefits for upper master's level and research students in the fields of economics, law, accounting, taxation, investment and portfolio management. The series aspires to contribute to a global perspective on the changing nature of alternative investment assets, seeking authors with innovative approaches to analyse and examine key issues within this developing asset class, which can be taken from a multi-disciplinary perspective. We welcome the submission of both monographs and edited collections that share these aims. We are particularly interested in new book proposals which might include: i) individual monographs; ii) edited volumes from multiple contributors across different organisations; and iii) technical publications covering specialist topics. Contact: If you are interested in submitting a proposal, or have any questions, please contact the series editors through: Professor Shaen Corbet Dublin City University, Q245, DCU Business School, D09V209, Dublin 9, Ireland email: shaen.corbet@dcu.ie

De Gruyter
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